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Photo Reg. No. Name  Birth Date  Caste  Marital Status  Kul  More
C/3419/11/11/2014 Nikhil Sanjay Puntambekar 14 May 1987 Shimpi Never married Puntambekar (Nikumbh)
C/3418/09/11/2014 Payal Pradip Bhandarkar 25 April 1991 Shimpi Never married Bhandarkar
C/3417/09/11/2014 Mahesh Ravindra Khairnar 22 December 1986 Shimpi Never married Khairnar
C/3416/09/11/2014 Manisha Satish Mahajan 20 January 1991 Shimpi Never married Mahajan - Bagul
C/3415/09/11/2014 Priyanka Shamkant Gawande 20 September 1989 Shimpi Never married Gawande
C/3414/22/09/2014 Dipak Yashwant Khairnar 27 October 1984 Shimpi Divorced Khairnar
C/3413/22/09/2014 Sushil Suresh Chavan 31 May 1985 Shimpi Never married Chavan
C/3412/04/09/2014 Siddharth Jaydev Jagtap 14 April 1984 Shimpi Never married Jagtap
C/3411/04/09/2014 Swati Jaydev Jagtap 17 November 1986 Shimpi Never married Jagtap
C/3410/04/09/2014 Uma Chhotalal Jadhav 4 May 1992 Shimpi Never married Jadhav
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