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Photo Reg. No. Name  Birth Date  Caste  Marital Status  Kul  More
C/3432/30/06/2015 Parag Purushottam Sandhansi 5 November 1988 Shimpi Never married Sandhanshi
C/3431/30/06/2015 Dhanashree Dattatraya Mahajan 11 November 1993 Shimpi Never married Bagul
C/3430/17/06/2015 Kunal Dinesh Bhardwaj 3 September 1988 Shimpi Never married Esai
C/3429/17/06/2015 Vishal Vilas Shimpi - Sanyasi 27 August 1988 Shimpi Never married Sanyasi
C/3428/03/06/2015 Vrushali Ashok Pawar 4 July 1991 Shimpi Never married Pawar
C/3427/07/04/2015 Ulhas Anil Jagtap 7 December 1984 Shimpi Never married Jagtap
C/3426/08/03/2015 Vrushali Dilip Khairnar 10 September 1993 Shimpi Never married Khairnar
C/3425/19/02/2015 Bhagyshree Rajendra Nikumbh 22 February 1990 Shimpi Never married Nikumbh
C/3424/02/02/2015 Rakesh Arun Sonawane 10 September 1983 Shimpi Never married Sonawane
C/3423/20/01/2015 Rahul Vasant Karankal 10 February 1985 Shimpi Never married Karankal
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